What’s Involved in Data Center Moves

What’s Involved in Data Center Moves

In the fast-paced world of technology, businesses are constantly evolving, and their data center needs evolve with them. Whether it’s due to expansion, consolidation, or a shift in strategy, data center moves are a critical operation that requires meticulous planning and execution. In this article, we’ll explore what’s involved in data center moves and shed light on Brass Valley, a company that has mastered the art of data center transitions with a focus on security and reliability.

The Brass Valley Approach to Data Center Moves

Brass Valley’s Commitment to Security

Brass Valley, founded in 2002, has made a name for itself in the world of data center moves and IT asset disposition (ITAD). What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to data security and environmental protection. With over two decades of experience and not a single reported breach or environmental incident, Brass Valley has proven its dedication to safeguarding client data and the environment.

One of Brass Valley’s core principles is its shared risk model. This model recognizes that data security and environmental risks can arise from misunderstandings and unforeseen challenges during data center moves. To address this, Brass Valley has developed several components, including the Audit Ready Chain of Custody™, high reliability practices, and a client-based indemnification plan.

The Evolution of Brass Valley

Brass Valley’s journey began in the eponymous Brass Valley region of Connecticut, known for its historical brass manufacturing. Initially, the company served as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for financial services firms, offering data center solutions. However, it was their astute recognition of the lack of commitment to data security and environmental concerns in the recycling industry that led Brass Valley to transition into becoming an ITAD provider.

This transformation was driven by their commitment to actively listening to client needs and developing security practices accordingly. The result? A company that has thrived and grown significantly over the years without a single data breach or environmental incident since its inception.

Brass Valley’s High Reliability Practices

A Borrowed Page from Other Industries

What makes Brass Valley’s approach to data center moves stand out is its adoption of high reliability practices from industries as diverse as nuclear, healthcare, and airlines. These practices are designed to reduce human error and enhance data security. By implementing processes borrowed from these industries, Brass Valley minimizes the likelihood of adverse events during data center moves.

Furthermore, Brass Valley places a strong emphasis on risk mitigation through third-party certifications, insurance, service agreements, and high reliability processes. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients have a robust defense against potential risks associated with data center transitions.

A Culture of High Reliability

But it’s not just about processes and certifications; Brass Valley fosters a culture of high reliability among its employees. This culture encourages every team member to proactively identify and rectify mistakes promptly. This proactive approach helps prevent failures and has been instrumental in contributing to Brass Valley’s remarkable record of zero breaches since its inception in 2002.

Legal Responsibility and Liability

The Importance of Clearing IT Waste and Data Handling

Brass Valley also highlights the critical legal responsibility and liability associated with IT waste and data handling. They stress that no entity can absolve clients of these responsibilities, and any ITAD company claiming otherwise may not be providing accurate information. This focus on transparency ensures that clients are fully aware of their obligations and can make informed decisions during data center moves.

Brass Valley’s Comprehensive Services

Safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP)

Brass Valley’s commitment to data security extends to safeguarding intellectual property (IP) during recycling and ITAD processes. They understand the potential corporate disaster that can unfold if IP is compromised. To address this concern, Brass Valley offers a range of services:

  1. Value Recovery: Maximizing the value of retired IT assets while ensuring data security and environmental responsibility.
  2. Data Destruction: Secure data destruction services with a shared risk model that prioritizes data security.
  3. IT Asset Disposition: A track record of reliable IT asset disposition services, backed by third-party certifications.
  4. Data Center Services: Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of data center moves.
  5. Complementary Value Added Services: A suite of additional services, including global logistics, decommissioning, and on-site data destruction.


Data center moves are complex undertakings that demand careful planning and execution. Companies like Brass Valley have not only mastered the art of moving data centers but have also made data security and environmental protection their top priorities.

With a shared risk model, high reliability practices borrowed from critical industries, and a commitment to transparency, Brass Valley stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of data center moves. So, when it comes to safeguarding your data during a transition, Brass Valley is a name you can trust, backed by a 20-year track record of impeccable service and an unwavering dedication to your security and success.

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